This is continues to be a massive issue for everyone in Warringah. The population grows, more apartments are built, we add more and more cars on the road yet the infrastructure stays exactly the same. An Independent voice in the area can be the “squeaky wheel” to finally push for funding on real transport solutions. 
The dream solution for many is a a tunnel under Military Road with a rapid bus network. But 22 years with Tony Abbott  as our representative and we no closer to any of this becoming reality, yet he continues to promises otherwise. Why not just admit that it is a multi year, $2 billion plus project, that is easily more than a decade away. At best. Be honest with us Tony! If it's too hard just say so.
But there does that leave us? What can be done in the short term so that we are spending less time in our car and more time with our families. 
I will work tirelessly to:
- Improve the quality, speed and availability of public transport options
- Encourage and invest in more community-based work hubs
- Work towards and pilot genuine creative alternatives. Shuttle buses, safer more accessible bike facilities, rideshare technology and carpool incentives to reduce the number of vehicles at peak times