You don’t decide to be gay. Much as you don’t decide to be straight. And you don’t decide who you fall in love with. Every Australian should have the same rights, as consenting adults, to marry whoever they like, regardless of sexuality. 

I believe:
-We do not need an expensive plebiscite ($200 million plus) to decide on an issue that over 70% of Australians are in favour of. It will be divisive and be dominated by the most harmful voices on either side of the debate. It makes little sense to have the whole country deciding on the relationship rights of a minority group. We just need an act of parliament. And we need it now.
-We are now the only developed English speaking nation in the world who has not moved on this. We can't claim to be an accepting, tolerant and fair society, yet stop one group of people having the same rights as the rest of us.