We all know that a strong economy is worth nothing if we don't have a healthy environment for ourselves and our families to live in. We simply have to stop this sort of unplanned, unfettered and unsustainable economic growth that if left unchecked, threatens the future of our environment and, quite frankly, our way of life. This is all about choices. We can choose to continue to line the pockets of big mining companies for short term gain, or we look forward to starting to build an innovative, sustainable economy based on an environmentally progressive future. The choice is clear.

I will fight for:

-A target of 100% renewable energy by 2036. With these sort of targets, we have already seen over $18 billion in investment here from local and overseas companies in new projects.

-A ban plastic bags and take initiatives to reduce reliance on plastic.

-A ban on Coal Seam Gas anywhere remotely near water tables and food bowls.

-No new coal mines.