What are we doing? Seriously what are we doing even bickering about this? 

We KNOW that Education is the most important investment we can make for Australia’s future. Yet the major parties refuse to come together and find common ground to get this essential part of our kids life right.

I will fight for:
- Commonwealth governments to join with all State and Territory governments to fully fund a needs-based school-funding model. 

- A review of the funding imbalance between private schools and public. Why are some kids in the public system being taught in crowded noisy demountables, yet we are helping fund elite private schools build their newest Olympic size swimming pool?

-Proper funding for TAFE to ensure skilled teachers stay in the system and that young Australians have a pathway to the workforce outside of university and expensive private colleges.

-No deregulation of universities. Young Australians should not be faced with the prospect of staring at a $100,000 plus debt as they begin their working lives.