It's a budget emergency!! So we are told. The truth is our debt levels are quite low by international standards. Right now there exists ways of raising more revenue by just making the system more equitable. The trouble is that both major parties lack the spine or the foresight to make the changes needed on how we deal with big business. I mean why would the Liberal party even try? Big corporates donate millions to their coffers every year. Wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds you....

I will fight to:

-Stop the proposed company tax cuts for big business. Are our big four banks not happy making ONLY $8 billion a year?
-Introduce the "Buffet Rule". Last year, many Australians earning over $1Million paid no tax! A Buffet Rule not only ensures a fairer system but would raise over $2.5 billion annually.
-Close tax loopholes for overseas companies trading here. Should Apple pay a lower tax percentage than a your local mechanic?
-Reduce defence spending. $30 billion is spent annually on defence. By 2025 that is projected to hit $60 billion. We neglect our schools and hospitals but can find $24 billion for a bunch of new fighter planes? That's insane.
-Make big business pay their fair share. Last year over 500 top companies paid no tax