It takes a village. It shouldn't cost the earth.

For many families, the price of childcare is becoming increasingly unaffordable.  The pressures of modern life are putting people in impossible situations. Housing is so expensive that we cannot afford for parents not to work, yet often the reality for many is that their childcare costs are so high, they barely come out ahead. Young families in Warringah, in fact all over the country, are being squeezed harder and harder. Putting many in impossible positions. Easing the cost of childcare encourages more people to rejoin the workforce and it allows us to have much needed support. I have a young family myself so this is particularly close to my heart.


I will fight to: 

-Enable generous tax rebates for childcare workers to retain and attract great people within the sector. This can help childcare become a more financially rewarding career without adding to overall costs.

-Make all forms of childcare fully tax deductible.

-Protect low income families with subsidies.

-Increase funding for community based childcare, particularly in high needs areas.