One look at the election campaign so far tells you that the current two party system is broken. Bickering, outlandish spending promises and more hot air than a Dyson. To get elected, you don't have to have a vision for the country or inspire a community, you just have to be a bit less terrible than the other guy.

We believe there is a better way. Strong, local Independent voices can force the major parties to be more honest with their electorate and make sure they are held accountable. That's what I want for Warringah. That's what I know I can bring.

Having been involved in different social and environmental causes over the last ten years, I have learnt that if you don't stand up for what you believe in, big business and the political elites will simply do as they please. And with over 16 years in the media industry, I understand how to communicate ideas and bring the spotlight to important issues affecting us.

For too long our electorate has been represented by someone whose views do not reflect that of the community. For too long we have just been used to further one man's own agenda. A stepping stone. An afterthought. We deserve better. We deserve a genuine alternative.

That's why I'm running. To provide a real choice outside of the entrenched political elites. To make sure Tony Abbott is held accountable for his empty promises in Warringah and the division he has created. I know many of you feel the same. That's why I think this is our chance for real change.

If not now, WHEN?